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Reliaguard Wildlife and Bird Protection

Clydesdale are the only UK supplier of Reliaguard's range of wildlife and bird protection products.
Made in the USA using Reliaguard's Reliatanium material, you can be assured of product quality.
All items are fully tested to IEEE 1656 at 38Kv and suitable for all UK distribution networks up to this voltage.
Clydesdale have also worked with EA technology on CEP024 to ensure we offer the most coverage on this new standard.
We are able to work with you on proposals and installation schedules for your specific sites giving the easiest and most reliable solution.

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Click here for Bush guard tutorial
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AS12G-CE, CE marked, grey tinted 12 cal arc flash helmet and visor

The new PrismShield grey tint AS12 arc flash helmet and visor
It's here!

The new Clydesdale AS12G-CE using a PrismShield grey visor as a development of the original yellow/green tinted version that was so popular for so many years.

The PrismShield visor technology aims to improve colour discernment in the work enivronment while maintianign the high level of protection offered by its predecessor.

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SR - The new Clydesdale Switching Range - 48 cal protection designed and made in the UK

The new Noah SR suit
Clydesdale's new-to-market 48 cal arc protection range consists of a bib overall, jacket and a lift front hood.

Designed and made in the UK from a British fabric we are proud that it is all our own work.

The fabric offers 48 cal/cm(EN 61482-1-1) and Class 2 (EN61482-1-2) protection and all garments and components are fully tested and CE marked to all applicable European Standards.

The hood is the article we're most proud of offering several unique features:
-Cotton based fabric for maximum comfort and breathability
-Grey tint visor for improved colour discernment
-Stretch crown, tailored construction to improve fit
-Opening face shield to allow quick work breaks without removing hood
-Packed in a dedicated storage box for maximum protection
-Optional double work lights to improve low light working
-Optional cool paks to be installed inside hood when it is warm
-Optional visor storage bag for dedicated protection

Click here to view the range available

Arc Protection guaranteed and tested for the life of the garment
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Virus decontamination alcohol wipes to control the spread of COVID-19

Image of Alcohol flyer

Clydesdale’s cleaning wipes are individually packaged in foil pouches that remain sealed and sterile until they are required.

These products are more relevant than ever in the current climate as all our wipe styles exceed the European Centre for Disease Control’s alcohol content guidance for successful disinfection of encapsulated viruses such as those that cause COVID-19 infections*

Offering between 85% and 99.8% alcohol saturated wipe these wipes can be used to decontaminate surfaces where their is potential for infection.

Both wipes are compatible with cleaning insulated equipment such as hot sticks as well as being used for general decontamination of company assets and equipment before and after contact. Always test a small area of any painted surfaces or plastics to check the alcohol does not damage or remove the surface treatment.

The high alcohol content of these wipes means that it is not advised to use them for hand cleaning as they contain no moisturiser to replace lost oils from the skin unless moisturising is provided from another source separately to the wipe

Each wipe is available as an individual sample, a box of 50 or a box of 144, please contact us for details and pricing.
S-1 Wipe Product Page
FO Wipe Product Page

CLICK HERE for a datasheet covering both products

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COVID Lockdown status

COVID - we're still open
Clydesdale have remained and continue to remain open during the COVID lockdown.

We are running a minimal workplace staff to ensure social distancing but this impacts our ability to respond quickly to orders and communications. Rest assured we're open, we're working safely and we're supporting you to continue working in your essential business.

Due to restrictions with the DVSA, all cable drum trailer and road-towable winches are on hold as we cannot get appointments to get them assessed and approved while the lockdown continues. We will let you know when this situation changes.

If you require any details on our COVID risk mitigation policy then please use the contact form on this webpage
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PPE Regulation changes now effective

See our page HERE for current information on the PPE Regulation and it's significance to the products you buy from Clydesdale.
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Flame Retardant or Arc Resistant?

Clydesdale Arc Flash belt
Given the astonishing amount of energy that can be released in an arc flash and the resulting intensity on the receiving surface Clydesdale have always insisted that our products are Arc tested first and foremost.

Flame retardancy is a secondary risk that we always assess when required but, when dealing with electric arcs, always match the type of testing to the risk in hand.

Even the Clydesdale arc flash belt has been tested using an EN61482-1-2, class 2 arc (7kA, 0.5s) to ensure that the Flame retardant material maintains its integrity under the toughest of arc flash conditions.

Click here to see our belt
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Team PLF - Extramile 2018 Auvergne Challenge - We made it to the end!

Friday’s ride spent the whole day sat under the great French autumn monsoon and was definitely character building to have to spend just short of 180 miles battling trench foot and hypothermia alternately.

Saturday’s ride where all the hill climbing happened obviously then got really hot and clear and we had a tough but very scenic days cycling.

Sunday’s ride was a time trial against the clock to cover 166 miles and get to Dijon before a predicted thunderstorm arrived in increasingly windy conditions. 

Officially a very mixed bag but we completed it and this year’s challenge was exactly that. The event medic earned his keep this year but fortunately Team PLF didn’t need his services. 

We’d all be eternally grateful if there was anyone who had thought of sponsoring us but didn’t find the time to have a look at our virgin giving account which will remain open for a while yet.

And big thanks again to all those who donated to our causes, Bedfordshire Cerebral Palsy Society and BLISS baby care.

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Extra Mile Charity Cycle Ride 2018

Each year 4 of us set off as "Team PLF" to Europe to cycle 500 miles in 3 days to raise money for charity.

This years challenge is in the Auvergne and tackles some fairly lively terrain.

Our aim is always to have the best presented vehicle in attendance and this year promises to be no exception.

Clydesdale cover all costs associated with the team's entry and attendance, ensuring every last penny donated goes to directly to charity.






Can you guess???
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AS12-CE New Pricing

Clydesdale's AS12-CE Arc Flash Visor

Clydesdale's market leading Arc Flash Protective Face Shield, Hard hat and Visor has always been an exceptional piece of personal protective equipment.

Now due to new stocking arrangements we are able to make it more cost effective than ever. Starting in September you will be able to purchase exactly the same system you have always been able to but at a much reduced cost.

Get in touch with us for details of bulk purchasing details if you need them.
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Clydesdale's webshop has grown

We have increased the range of items you can buy from our webshop to include our most popular products.

The price and availability is live from our server.

Over the next few months we will be running promotions on these items and offering discounts for bulk purchases.

A selection of these products are:

NOAH Arc Flash Coveralls
NOAH Arc Flash Trousers
NOAH Arc Flash Labcoats
NOAH Arc Flash Jackets
NOAH Arc Flash Fleece
NOAH Arc Flash Rugby Shirt
Arc Flash Belt
AS12-CE Arc Flash Visor
Arc Flash Baseball Hood
Class 0 Latex Insulating Gloves
Class 1 Latex Insulating Gloves
H25 Powerplate Sign System Characters
H25 Powerplate Sign Back Plates
H25 Powerplate Complete Starter Kits
Firefly Bird Hazing Device
Afterglow Bird Flight Diverter
Staywire Markers
Composite Cable Cutters
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The new Personal Protective Equipment Regulations 2016/425

Between April 2018 and April 2019 there is a phased transition from the old PPE directive to the new PPE regulation.

All of the PPE that Clydesdale will be transitioned within this period to the new system and all supporting information will be updated accordingly.

We will provide customers and distributors with all the details and information that they wirequired to maintain in order support the sales and use of our products under this new legislation.

BTTG, our notified body for arc flash certification have produced THIS information as a guide to the new regulations.

In the meantime, don't hesitate to contact us for further details on
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ISO9001 and ISO14001

Clydesdale are now certified to the latest 2015 version of both these standards.

ISO9001 is focused primarily on the management of the quality of the way the business functions.

ISO14001 is about environmental management

To complete the set and demonstrate that we take safety equally seriously, we are looking to implement ISO45001 during 2019
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Clydesdale sponsored Tennis player hits 3 tournament wins on the bounce

Clydesdale have sponsored Josh Sapwell for several years, as he has worked his way up through the various age bands and competition levels.

Josh has recently been on winning form having taken the win at 3 UK tennis tournaments in succession.

We continue to wish Josh all the best.

Further details on Josh's progress can be found in the tennis diary on his facebook page HERE
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Clydesdale gains ISO14001 certifcation

Clydesdale recently gained certification to ISO14001.

Having ISO14001 allows us to demonstrate that we have:
Good control over the environmental impacts of our business
Plans in place to improve our environmental performance
Continually assess how we are performing with respect to our environmental goals.

This was certified as part of an integrated system along with our existing ISO9001 quality certification.
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