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"The UK's leading specialist in cable installation equipment for the Electricity and Telecommunications industries"



Overhead Line Construction

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Arc Flash Protection, Insulated Tools, PPE, Overhead Line Construction & Underground Cable Installation

Clydesdale are leading industry experts in Arc Flash Protection and Overhead Line and Cable Installation Equipment. We support the electricity and telecommunications industry worldwide. We are an ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 company which represents our commitment to quality in our products, working procedures and environmental management. 

What is Arc Flash: Arc Flash is an unintentional, explosive electrical event caused by either short circuits, switching faults or switching circuits when under load.

Arc Flash can result in serious personal injury and infrastructure damage. The risks of Arc Flash must be assessed and appropriate preventative and protective measures put in place. Clydesdale's Arc Flash PPE range forms part of this overall approach.

For advice and guidance on Arc Flash Protection our experts are only a phone call away, or Download our Arc Flash Protection Catalogue.

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