Underground Cable Installation
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Vibrating Cable Plough CLY 780 4080

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Designed to be used in all types of soil, the plough also filters away small stones and rocks ensuring that the furrowed trench is filled with fine earth. Despite its heavy duty trenching capacity the plough is surprisingly gentle to cable, ensuring that no damage is done to the cable.

The plough is fitted with a hydraulically operated support wheel to achieve the correct depth of trench. For lateral adjustment of the depth simply turn the lever. The machine is also fitted with vibration insulation dampers between plough and carrying vehicle.

Extensive experience has now been gained in using the vibrating cable plough on both JCB and Volvo diggers. Should you require mounting on an alternative machine please enquire for further details.

The speed of the machine is limited to a maximum of 40m/min on cables ranging from 8mm to 35mm in diameter. Machine weight is 980kg.

When installing fibre optic cable, there is an accessory device that will hydraulically feed the cable into the plastic duct automatically in a single action. This process does however limit cable size to 16mm in diameter.



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