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3000kg Underground Cable Winch (Model 3300) CLY 750 2-3000

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All Clydesdale's Road-Towable winches and drum trailers are sold with an Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) in place from the UK Vehicle inspectorate. This has been a legal requirement for this type of special purpose equipment since October 2014.

The CLY 750 2-3000 Underground Cable Winch is a hydraulically operated 3 tonne winch with a variable pulling speed and force. By having double capstan wheels, this winch differs from a drum winch as follows. - Always the same uniform pulling force and speed no matter how much cable/rope there is on the collecting drum. - Fixed input point, that is, no lateral wander of the cable/rope.

ANo problems with winding up the integral wire bond due to the automatic rope-layering device which protects the bond and reduces the operating time. A braked swivel is supplied to protect the wire bond. The winch features infinite control of speed and pulling force, both forward and reverse.

The trailer is fitted with suspended wheel axle, overrun brake and handbrake and adjustable support legs and wheels and is supplied with weatherproof cover.

A boom for winching operations below ground is available seperately, as is an electroninc data recorder for accurately measuring pulling force, speed and length.

Pulling Force 0-3000kg
Speed 0-55m/min
Engine Lombardini Diesel 28HP Electric Start
Weight 1290kg
Wire Rope 12mm x 500m
Dimensions 3630 x 1850 x 1050mm



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