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Important Safety Information

Important Safety Information

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360 Working Platform CLY 910 XPLT

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The 360 Working Platform features:

  • 550 x 400mm platform enclosed on three sides for safety
  • Optional webbing strap on the open side to provide complete
  • Glassfibre frame with aluminium treads
  • Ergonomically designed for industrial work
  • Insulated and non-conductive in use - complies with ANSI A14.5 and ESI 13-1
  • Compliant with HSE Work at Height Regs 2005 to work two-handed for short duration jobs
  • Kitemarked BS EN 131

Optional extras include:

  • Security webbing strap across open side
  • Powder coated handrail
  • Plastic coated handrail
  • Wheels at rear
  • Outriggers
  • Laddertag for inspection and maintenance
  • Custom compnay marking for security
  • Detachable tool tray
  • Open mesh foot
Part No.      
A/A Rung G/F Rung Closed Height Platform Height Weight
CLY 910 XLPT02 CLY 910 AFXPLT02 1.55m 0.46m 11.5kg
CLY 910 XLPT03 CLY 910 AFXPLT03 1.80m 0.71m 13.5kg
CLY 910 XLPT04 CLY 910 AFXPLT04 2.05m 0.96m 14.0kg
CLY 910 XLPT05 CLY 910 AFXPLT05 2.31m 1.19m 16.0kg
CLY 910 XLPT06 CLY 910 AFXPLT06 2.56m 1.44m 19.0kg
CLY 910 GL207 CLY 910 AF207 2.82m 1.64m 20.0kg
CLY 910 XLPT08 CLY 910 AFXPLT08 3.07m 1.89m 22.0kg
CLY 910 XLPT09 CLY 910 AFXPLT09 3.32m 2.19m 23.0kg
CLY 910 XLPT10 CLY 910 AFXPLT10 3.57m 2.44m 24.0kg
CLY 910 XLPT11 CLY 910 AFXPLT11 3.82m 2.69m 26.0kg

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