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Important Safety Information

Important Safety Information

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Duct opening Knife CLY 350 IS82R

whole tool render
whole tool renderlength cut
£ 130.24 each

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The Clydesdale duct opening knife is designed to work in any type of convoluted / ribbed wall duct, twinwall or single wall as well as some plain tubular ducts and piping with light, flexible walls.

The blade mechanism has 2 extension depths to suit the duct wall thickness. This cut depth is locked and controlled by a push-and-twist mechanism in the end of the handle.

The blade is ground with a flat end so as not to damage the duct's contents while cutting the duct wall.

The knife is 1000V rated in case of inadvertent contact with live cabling in use.

It features a replaceable blade cartridge for ease of maintenance in the field.

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