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Firefly Bird Scaring / Hazing Device CLY 265 100

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The "FireFly"TM HiVis Bird Flight Diverter is the latest in avian diverting technology utilising motion, reflectivity and light emission to alert birds to the obstruction. The diverter has been developed and tested by biologists to deter all bird and bat species in varying conditions.

Manufactured from impact resistant, UV stabilized acrylic plastic, the "FireFly"™ 'flapper' has a fluorescent reflective sheeting meaning increased visibility firstly by providing a highly reflective daylight shine -even in low light or foggy conditions, and secondly, the fluorescent sheeting will emit a glow-in-the-dark light up to 10 hours after dusk.

The "FireFly"™ BFD has a salt spray and weather resistant stainless steel ball bearing swivel allowing the diverter to spin in wind speeds as low as 3-5mph. This spinning action combined with the 3-in-1 fluorescent colours reflecting UV and visible light, specific to avian vision, increases the diverter visibility by creating a flashing effect as seen by the bird up to a quarter of a mile away alerting it to the obstruction.

The "FireFly"TM is easily and securely installed or removed with a special installation tool CLY 265 910 and the new and improved "snap-on" style KL70 Conductor Clamp which has a proven track record in securing BFD's to almost any overhead lines without slippage or damage to the conductor.

Part No. Conductor Outside Diameter Weight Flapper Dims
CLY 265 100

Standard 10-70mm

(option 6-16mm contact us)

0.2kg H150mm



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