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BFD Operating Tool CLY 265 910

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£ 71.38 each

The Clydesdale Bird Flight Divertor Operating Tool is designed to attach to a Bowthorpe style switching rod to allow quick and easy installation of the Bird Flight Diverter and Firefly units on overhead powerlines without power interuption saving time and cost.

The prongs and hook are made from plastic coated high quality steel with the attachment feet covered in rubber to grip the open clamp in all weather conditions. To attach, simply open clamp, insert rubber feet in corresponding cavities on the open clamp then offer up to the conductor. To remove, slide the prongs over the clamp swivel base until the hook locates in the thumb hole and pull sharply downwards. The tool is only 0.4kg and fully plastic coated and zinc plated to protect from corrsosion.

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