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Afterglow Bird Flight Diverter CLY 265 200

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£ 46.26 each

These diverters really do work, perhaps despite of their unusual appearance, by causing birds, especially Swans, to veer upwards in flight. Large birds lack the manoeuvrability to avoid overhead power lines, the Bird Flight Diverter simply makes the line look bigger, so that it really is giving the bird more opportunity to change direction and hence save its life and your power line.

In line with the latest avian research, the roundel has been updated to a white perforated plastic containing glow in the dark natural crystals which absorb and emit purple ultraviolet light. The roundel is visible to the birds day and night as violet but appears as white plastic to humans. The glow in the dark natural crystals contained in the plastic will emit absorbed UV energy for 10 - 12 hours after dark. Fluorescent orange and yellow reflective material in the centre of the roundel provides daytime colour to divert birds as it flaps in the wind.

The BFD can be fitted from the ground using switching rods fitted with the CLY 265 910 BFD Operating Tool. This saves both time and cost, in that there is no need for an outage at any stage. The new and improved "Snap-On" style KL70 clamp itself is designed to securely grip all conductors up to a diameter of 70mm, so almost all overhead lines from LV to EHV can be protected without slippage or damage to the conductor.

Greatly improved recently, we now use stainless steel rings to attach the roundel, gripper hands have been added to aid opening of the jaws, as well as many other new features that have improved this unbeatable nature preserver.

Part No. Conductor Outside Diameter Weight Roundel Diameter

CLY 265 200

CLY 265 205

Standard 10-70mm

Small 6-16mm

0.2kg 135mm



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