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Tuesday May 03, 2016
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DF6 - Hydraulic Cable Pusher
DF6 - Hydraulic Cable Pusher

Designed to be used in conjunction with a cable winch or with other cable pushers in cascade. The Cable Pusher has two hydraulically driven drive belts in a V form and a top 4 roller pressure device which exert an assertive "push" force of up to 6kN onto the cable; this force will not damage the cable but will decrease the necessary pull load exerted by the winch. This has the net result of protecting the cable and increasing efficiency.

Ideally suited for the installation of cables into pre-laid ducts, the cable pusher can also be used for more conventional cable pulls into trenches. The latest development has seen the installation of multiple cables into multiple ducts in one pull.

Able to assist cables with an outside diameter ranging from 25-160mm the cable pusher can also be used for the placing of sub ducts into mainline ducts.

The DF6 is supplied complete with petrol powered Hydraulic Powerpack, hoses and specified top pressure roller. An electric powered powerpack is also available.

Max Push Force  6kN  
Cable DiamSmall Pressure Roller25-50mm
 Medium Pressure Roller28-90mm
 Large Pressure Roller45-130mm
 XLarge Pressure Roller55-160mm
Dimensions1155 x 380 x 697mm 
Weight 103kg  (DF6 and roller only) 
 158kg (DF6 and p/pack) 
Hyd Hose Length   4m  


CLY 740 DF6HB  
DF6 - Hydraulic Cable Pusher


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