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Silicone Plus - Cable Pulling Lubricant CLY 745 NN-640

Silicone Plus - Cable Pulling Lubricant


A cream coloured pourable lubricant specially formulated to assist the pulling of cables into plastic ducts under normal temperatures (-5 to 45 deg C). Supplied either with (NN) or without (NB) small frictionless roller balls as part of its make up, Silicon Plus is, despite its name free of any wax, silicone or grease and as such will degrade naturally. Also available in a winter grade formulation for use at extremes of temperature (-30 to 45 deg C). Silicon plus will cause absolutely no damage to the cable sheathing. Silicon plus is supplied in pallet sizes of 36 x 19l pails.

Further details including COSHH / MSDS are available on request.

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