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Important Safety Information

Important Safety Information

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Important Safety Information

Important Safety Information

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Vector MV Voltage Detector CLY 300 4-1133

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Voltage detector range

Everyone working with overhead power lines needs to know whether the network on which they are about to work is live or dead.

The Vector voltage detector is the latest and safest in voltage detection technology.

Vector offers continuous, in-built self checking device which tests all of its circuitry, battery connection and voltage, as well as the presence and stability of the threshold voltage values stored in it memory.

In the event of a live contact the Vector has class-leading visual and audible signals which can be seen clearly from any working distance or angle and in any conditions.

Should either the battery voltage diminish or the operator fail to disengage the unit will automatically turn itself off.

•Ultra bright, all round visual indication.

•Louder, clearer audible indication.

•Continual self-testing of sensors, battery and internal parameters.

•Best in class detection around jumpers, droppers and line fittings.

•Calibrated during production against live voltages on every device.

•Threshold voltage is stable at all times, even during rapid temperature changes.

•Shock, Drop and Water resistant.

•Complies with IEC 61243-1 :2009


Frequency Range: 50 and 60Hz Temperature Range: -25°C to +55°C
Weight: 0.39kg Length: 333mm
Diameter: 59mm  
Standard Kit Comprises:1x Tester, 1x Fabric Carry Case, 1x 'Y' Electrode, 1x Straight Electrode, 1x 'V' Electrode, 1x Universal stick adapter, 1x Quick release stick adapter, 

Many voltage ranges in the ratio 1:3 can be configured , please let us know your requirements.


Description Reference
40mm multi-purpose probe (M8) 47736
40mm straight electrode (M8) 41811B
40mm Y-shape electrode (M8) 42029


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