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Important Safety Information

Important Safety Information

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Rubber Insulating Sleeve Class 2 CLY 557 D2-RYBEC

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Rubber Insulating Sleeves extend the coverage of the arm from the cuff of Rubber Insulating Gloves to the shoulder, fully protecting these areas from accidental contact with energised conductors and equipment. The sleeves feature a reinforcing fold at the cuff. This fold is preferred over a rolled bead because it adds less bulk to the cuff and fits into the glove easier without pushing. All Clydesdale Sleeves meet the requirements of IEC / EN 60984 as well as ASTM D1051.

Clydesdale Sleeves are manufactured using the same techniques as Cement Dipped Rubber Gloves. Porcelain forms are dipped into liquid rubber, dried, trimmed, marked and curved. Every sleeve receives the same quality inspections and electrical testing.

Please note, various fixing options are available and as such Sleeve Fixing Accessories are not supplied with sleeves and must be ordered separately.

Having problem with sleeve availability and stock on yellow black sleeves? Try our Red/yellow sleeves instead, available from stock in the UK. Here


Part No. Voltage Class Size Colour Cuff Opening Shoulder Opening
CLY 557 D2-RYBEC 2 Reg Yellow/Black 140-150mm 670-680mm
CLY 557 D2-LYBEC 2 Lrg Yellow/Black 170-180mm 700-710mm
CLY 557 D2-XLYBEC 2 Xlrg Yellow/Black 175-185mm 745-785mm

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