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Important Safety Information

Important Safety Information

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Rub Out Hand Cleaner CLY 559 14

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Rub Out is non petroleum based cleaner that can be used as either a hand cleaner or rubber goods cleaner. The chemical mix of Rub Out is specifically designed so as not to damage rubber goods such as gloves, sleeves, blankets or line hose. Rub Out works by dissolving and removing grease, oil, ink, tar, creosote, paint and more without harming natural rubber or SALCOR‰ rubber. Cleans with or without water. Contains natural skin conditioners and leaves a fresh citrus scent.

Part No. Description Pack Size Weight (pack)
CLY 559 1461 Towlette - Single Sachet Case of 100 Sachets 1.4kg
CLY 559 1460 Towlette Tub of 60 Towlettes 6.4kg
CLY 559 1451 Gel / Hand Cleaner 16oz Can 0.6kg
CLY 559 1450 Gel / Hand Cleaner 4.5oz Tube 0.2kg

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