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Wooden 1, 2 & 3 Section Ladders CLY 910 HDS

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All Clydesdale wooden ladders are constructed from 72 x 32mm Douglas Fir stiles and barrelled shape American Ash rungs. All fittings are rust proofed zinc plated steel. The ladders are finished with a coating of clear polyurethane varnish. The ladders are designed for heavy industrial use and are Kitemarked BS 1129 Class 1 Industrial.

Double and triple section extension ladders are equipped with wall running wheels and an auto-clocking clutch mechanism whic arrests every rung. Rope operation is available - simply affix 'R' to the part number. Optional tie rods every rung are also available - affix 'T' to the part number.

Ladder Type Part No. Closed Extended Weight
Single Section Ladder CLY 910 HDS08 N/A 2.36m 8kg
CLY 910 HDS10 N/A 3.00m 9kg
CLY 910 HDS12 N/A 3.63m 12kg
CLY 910 HDS14 N/A 4.19m 14kg
CLY 910 HDS16 N/A 4.75m 16kg
CLY 910 HDS18 N/A 5.41m 20kg
CLY 910 HDS20 N/A 6.00m 23kg
Double Extension Ladders CLY 910 HHD08 2.36m 4.14m 15kg
CLY 910 HHD09 2.67m 4.80m 17kg
CLY 910 HHD10 3.00m 5.41m 18kg
CLY 910 HHD11 3.28m 5.79m 21kg
CLY 910 HHD12 3.63m 6.68m 24kg
CLY 910 HHD14 4.19m 7.70m 29kg
CLY 910 HHD16 4.75m 8.71m 34kg
CLY 910 HHD18 5.41m 9.98m 43kg
CLY 910 HHD20 6.00m 11.00m 52kg
Triple Extension Ladders CLY 910 HDT08 2.36m 5.41m 28kg
CLY 910 HDT10 3.00m 7.70m 30kg
CLY 910 HDT12R 3.63m 9.25m 38kg
CLY 910 HDT14R 4.19m 10.00m 47kg
CLY 910 HDT16R 4.75m 12.80m 70kg
CLY 910 HDT18R 5.41m 14.30m 90kg
CLY 910 HDT20R 6.00m 15.82m 101kg

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