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Important Safety Information

Important Safety Information

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Winch Rope CLY 913 01 07 B

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This is an area in which Clydesdale has the most experience, having supplied cable-pulling winches for over 20 years. When selecting a winch rope you should consider three critical areas, strength, stretch and wear.

Over the years Clydesdale has evaluated many manufacturers variations and we are confident that the rope which we supply for this purpose, Paracore is of the highest possible specification. With a stretch characteristic of less than 4%. Offering excellent UV resistance this rope consists of a core of low twist parallel yarns of high tenacity polyester fibre tightly encased in a 16, 24 or 32 plait (diameter dependant). Abrasion resistant polyester outer cover gives exceptional strength to weight ratio with extremely low elongation for a polyester rope (never more than 4%). Paracore has a relative density of 1.38 and can be used in extremes of temperature from -70 deg C to +200 deg C, however, extremely high temperatures (over 100 deg C) will reduce MBL. Paracore is supplied as standard with soft eyes at each end unless requested otherwise.

Diameter MBL Weight Winch
7mm 2000kg 4.2kg/td> CLY 750 1-2000
8mm 2500kg 5.0kg/td> CLY 750 3-1000, 206
10mm 3250kg 6.6kg/td> CLY 750 1-3000

Certain other winching activities require a larger diameter synthetic winch rope, for these requirements Clydesdale suggests Dyneema, probably the highest specification of rope currently available, in terms of strength, wear and stretch. Please contact Clydesdale for more details.

Diameter MBL Weight/100m
16mm 12000kg 4.2kg/td>
20mm 19000kg 5.0kg/td>
24mm 25500kg 6.6kg/td>


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