Overhead Line Construction
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Overhead Line Swivels CLY 00 SWIVEL

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Clydesdale offers two types of Swivels - Articulated and Straight Bearing. Both are manufactured of high quality tensile steel and galvanised for longevity. Articulated swivels articulate up to 5 degrees to assist when pulling over small pulley blocks or around tight angles.

Part No. Type Swivel Diameter Rope Diameter Length Pulling SWL Weight
CLY 00 SWIVEL 10 Artic. 20mm 6mm 62mm 800kg/td> 0.1kg
CLY 00 SWIVEL 11 Artic. 32mm 10mm 125mm 2000kg/td> 0.5kg
CLY 00 SWIVEL 12 Artic. 45mm 15mm 195mm 4000kg/td> 1.4kg
CLY 00 SWIVEL 15 Str. 32mm 15mm 120mm 2600kg/td> 0.5kg
CLY 00 SWIVEL 16 Str. 45mm 19mm 170mm 6000kg/td> 1.2kg
CLY 00 SWIVEL 17 Str. 60mm 24mm 220mm 12000kg/td> 3.0kg

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