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Reliaguards Self Fusing Tape CLY 976 TA

Reliaguards Self Fusing Tape

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Reliaguard’s Self-Fusing Tape, is a
self-amalgamating, heat and moisture
resistant tape that has superior
weathering characteristics and is
excellent for covering odd shape /
complicated connections or equipment.

Apply in a dry environment. Start with one full overlap wrap and
continue using a 2/3 overlap technique. Do not stretch more than
30%. Finish with another full overlap wrap to minimize flagging
of end.
Product Name Part Number Size Range Colour
Tape 1” x 0.030” TA-30100G 0.030 x 1” Grey
Tape 2” x 0.030” TA-30200G 0.030 x 2” Grey
*Each Roll is 36 Feet in Length

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