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Powerplate Characters CLY 260 010 00

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Character Size

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**H25 characters available for purchase online are in bags of 100**

Ideal for the labelling of Overhead Line Poles, Switches, Terminals etc. the Clydesdale range of Powerplate signs comes in 5 sizes - H10 (character height 10mm), H25 (25mm), H50 (50mm), H80 (80mm) & H160 (160mm). Made from specially lacquered yellow painted anodised aluminium these signs are guaranteed not to fade for up to 10 years.

H25, the most popular size, ideal for pole labelling, consists of a punched out character. When this character is slid into the black painted anodised aluminium baseplate it gives the effect of a black character on a yellow background. Dimensions of of H25 plate: Width 20mm, Height 48mm.

H10, H50, H80 & H160 are made from the same material but are actually black screen printed characters onto a yellow surface, these signs are also treated with the special lacquer giving at least the guaranteed 10 year lifetime.

Characters available are all numbers 0-9, letters A-Z as well as various punctuation symbols and blanks for spacing. Baseplates are available in 2 lengths 500mm and 1000mm. The signs can be mounted either vertically or horizontally. Simply by mounting H25 characters in the H10 baseplate the sign will read vertically, the same applies by mounting the following _ H50 in H25 baseplate, H80 in H50 baseplate & H160 in H80 baseplate.

A special Combi-Crimp tool provides the perfect accompaniment to the system as it cuts and seals the baseplate as well as piercing a nail hole in the baseplate so that erection of the sign is simplicity itself. The Combi-Crimp tool works on all sizes of characters except H160.

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