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Pole Lifting Jack CLY 1104

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When you need to remove old or decayed poles, there are 2 versions of our Pole Lifting Jack available. Firstly the vehicle driven unit which will work off the hydraulic system of your truck. We will need to know various details as all are made to order. Secondly, a manually operated version which can be set up almost anywhere.

Hydraulic Ram Lifting Capactiy 10,000kg
Height - 880mm CLosed, 1480 extended
Weight 28kg
Ground Plate Hot Dip Galvanised Steel
Dimensions 200 x 700mm
Weight 15kg
Lifting Chain Fully Tested 12mm Alloy
Length 2000mm
Weight 8.5kg
Pump Assembly
(Manual Version)
45cc/Cycle, Max Press 200bar
Dimensions 550 x 550 x 1000mm
Weight 13kg
Hydraulic Hoses Length 3m
Ends fitted with Quick Release Couplings

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