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Ladder Accessories CLY 910 stopper

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Ladder Accessories

Clydesdale can supply a comprehesive range of accessories to complement the safe use of our ladders.

Stopper Anti-Slip Base

  • Simple yet very safe and effective
  • Just place under your ladder and massively reduce the chance of it slipping
  • Designed and tested to work on ANY firm, level surface where slip may occur
  • Provides double the anti-slip protection required by the HSE and accepted by HSE as a safe alternative to a second person "footing" the ladder
  • Constructed from high quality aluminium "T" piece bonded to an 11mm vulcanised rubber base with a 2mm tread top & bottom.

Multistopper Anti-Slip Levelling Feet & Base

  • Patented "stopper" base prevents bottom slip
  • Broader base prevents sideways slip at the top
  • Prevents ladder rotating - the cause of flip failure
  • Foot adjustable levellers for safe use on slopping ground
  • Unique attachment keeps the stabiliser on the ladder Multistopper base
  • dimensions 622mm x 160mm
  • Suitable for ladders up to 559mm wide

Level-Eze Auto Levelling Device

  • Suits aluminium and fibreglass ladders
  • Retrofits in 30 minutes with full instructions included in each kit
  • Ideal for stairs, uneven surfaces
  • Heavy duty construction with steel running gear
  • Swivel safety feet
  • Adjusts up to 228mm (nominal)
  • Factory fit option available on new ladders

Pole Work Bows

  • Various bow types available including glassfibre, fix, A, wire, V, B, I, web. A rope and clam cleat can also be fitted for additional security.

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