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EEL Slider™ Application Tool CLY 976 EST

EEL Slider™ Application Tool
EEL Slider™ Application ToolEEL Slider™ Application ToolEEL Slider™ Application Tool

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Reliaguard has developed the revolutionary EEL Slider tool to
apply GreyEEL. The EEL Slider is designed for use with the rubber
glove work method or for de-energized installation. The difficulty
of applying conductor cover by hand is eliminated with the EEL

Ergonomically designed and easy to use, the EEL Slider optimizes
safety, dexterity and the speed of applying GreyEEL.
A Tool for all power linemen
The EEL Slider™ will be a welcome addition to the tool belt of all
power linemen tasked with the job of applying conductor cover.
Typically, conductor cover requires that the seam be split by hand
which can be difficult when wearing the required protective
With the EEL Slider™, GreyEEL™ Conductor Cover slides onto
conductors easily in a matter of seconds.
EEL Sliders are available in 3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4”, 1”, 1 1/4” and 1 1/2”.

Part Number Part Description Cover Range Colour
EST-00375 3/8” Tool 0.25” - 0.38”
EST-00500 1/2” Tool 0.375” - 0.5”
EST-00750 3/4” Tool 0.50” - 0.75”
EST-01000 1” Tool 0.75” - 1.00”
EST-01500 1-1/2” Tool 1.00” - 1.50”

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