Underground Cable Installation
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Jetlube - Cable Blowing Lubricant CLY 740 6000

Jetlube - Cable Blowing Lubricant

Specifically designed to be used whilst blowing cables into air tight ducts, Jetlube reduces the frictional drag on both cable and duct thus increasing the installed distance significantly. Jetlube can also be used to pre-lubricate the duct prior to the blowing process commencing, this will have the effect of cleaning the duct. Jetlube can also be used to pre-lubricate a duct prior to PULLING in a cable thus avoiding 'burn-through' when a synthetic rope is being used. Also available in a winter grade formulation for use at extremes of temperature. Jetlube will cause absolutely no damage to the cable sheathing. Supplied in boxes of 12 x 95cl bottles.

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